A week ago they gave us two-inch binders filled with schedules, content, and assignments. We were placed in a small group with instructions to work together, share best practices, and learn about the profession. That’s how our week started. Uncertainty of what’s to come or how to even get started. We sat silently on the... Continue Reading →


Mama Liza gave us nicknames that perfectly made no sense, but we kept them anyway. She named her grandchildren: Lee-Lee, Baby, Ri-Ri, La-Li, Baby (again), Bu-boy, Lee-Lit, Baby (once more), and Tu-Tu. There were times when these nicknames were used interchangeably between my cousins and I, but we went along with it. No questions asked.... Continue Reading →

50 Words 

A lover of coffee, books, photography, and Harry Potter. Her positivity and laughter is pandemic to family and friends. She is simply loved more than she will ever know and she will continue to approach others with love wholeheartedly always. Ashley strives to remind women that they are beautifully enough. What would your 50 words... Continue Reading →

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